Big Brother 13 Uk

Nominations Table

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Head of Household Shievonne Conor Benedict Deana Victoria Sara Conor Becky Sara Luke A Caroline Becky Ashleigh Becky Shievonne (None)
Deana Lydia Caroline Scott Conor Luke S Caroline Deana Benedict Lauren Deana Lauren Luke A Deana Caroline Conor Caroline Conor Luke A Sara Deana Sara Becky Sara Sara Shievonne Ashleigh Becky
Veto winner Lauren Conor Ashleigh Deana Caroline Caroline Conor Shievonne Ashleigh Sara Deana Shievonne Sara Shievonne (None)
Deana Lydia Scott Sara Conor Luke S Chris Deana Benedict Lauren Deana Lauren Adam Luke A Caroline Victoria Caroline Conor Luke A Shievonne Deana Sara Becky Caroline Ashleigh Sara
Ashleigh Arron Lydia Scott Conor Deana Benedict Lauren Luke A Victoria Caroline Luke A Deana Head of Household Nominated Nominated Winner (Day 102)
Shievonne Head of Household Lydia Scott Luke S Deana Benedict Lauren Adam Victoria Caroline Nominated Deana Caroline Sara Head of Household Runner-Up (Day 102)
Becky Not in house Lydia Sara Conor Chris Benedict Lauren Head of Household Victoria Conor Luke A Head of Household Nominated Head of Household Evicted (Day 100) Ashleigh
Sara Arron Lydia Nominated Luke S Chris Head of Household Lauren Luke A Head of Household Conor Luke A Nominated Caroline Nominated Evicted (Day 99) Shievonne
Caroline Nominated Lydia Sara Luke S Chris Benedict Lauren Adam Nominated Nominated Head of Household Sara Nominated Evicted (Day 92) Ashleigh
Deana Arron Nominated Scott Head of Household Nominated Benedict Nominated Adam Victoria Conor Shievonne Nominated Evicted (Day 85) Ashleigh
Luke A Caroline Deana Sara Luke S Chris Lauren Deana Nominated Caroline Head of Household Nominated Evicted (Day 78) Shievonne
Conor Caroline Head of Household Scott Nominated Deana Lauren Head of Household Luke A Victoria Nominated Evicted (Day 71) Ashleigh
Victoria Arron Deana Sara Luke S Head of Household Lauren Deana Adam Nominated Evicted (Day 64) Shievonne
Adam Arron Deana Sara Conor Chris Benedict Deana Nominated Evicted (Day 56)
Lauren Arron Deana Sara Luke S Chris Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 49)
Benedict Caroline Deana Head of Household Conor Chris Nominated Evicted (Day 42)
Chris Arron Lydia Scott Luke S Nominated Evicted (Day 35)
Luke S Caroline Deana Scott Nominated Evicted (Day 28)
Scott Arron Lydia Nominated Evicted (Day 21)
Lydia Arron Nominated Evicted (Day 14)
Arron Nominated

Evicted (Day 7)

Evicted Arron
9 of 13 votes
to evict

7 of 13 votes to evict


6 of 12 votes to evict

Luke S 7 of 11 votes to evict Chris 7 of 10 votes to evict Benedict 6 votes of 9 to evict Lauren 5 of 8 votes to evict Adam 4 of 7 votes to evict Victoria

5 of 6 votes to evict


3 of 5 votes to evict

Luke A 3 of 4 votes to evict Deana 2 of 3 votes to evict Caroline 2 of 2 votes to evict Sara

1 of 1 votes to evict

Becky 1 of 1 votes to evict Ashleigh

4 of 7 votes to win